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Please read all disclaimers carefully before ordering.

These includes 4 PCBs for the IR LED points.

With this new easy to build DIY IR points, just solder 3 IR LEDs and a resistor of the proper value per PCB, add a power cable, and you're done!


We are not shipping to the US, for that please order them from our official partner in the US, 

/!\ Important disclaimers, please read before buying /!\

- This product contains only the bare PCB, you still need the extra DIY components to solder on it, and it is made to work in tandem with the GUN4IR DIY software, that you can get the license for right => HERE <= 

- The DIY license is a one time payment for all your guns, and with it you also get the full up to date gun4ir package, including the pcb soldering guide, as well as all the software, firmwares, and other guides.The PCBs won't work alone without the it. 

- The PCBs have everything written directly on it to avoid mistakes, but it is still possible to do damage if you are not cautious or aren't following the guide properly. As such we cannot be held responsible for any damages done to the product or your setup/yourself resulting of misuse,and we won't cover damaged or dead PCBs under warranty. 

- We also cannot give any technical support for anything that isn't related to the GUN4IR® system directly, such as games or emulators installation or configuration.

- Shipping is done under 5 working days.

- There are 2 shipping methods EMS express and Small packet, here are the differences between the 2 services:
Service: Small packet  |  EMS
Price: 7~10€ (depends on packet size/weight)  20€ (flat rate)
Speed: 1.5~2 weeks  a few days
Tracking: Yes  Yes
Insurance: No  Yes