About the GUN4IR®

JB's GUN4IR® Lightgun System

The one and only arcade accurate lightgun system on the market that doesn't require extra software processing or constant recalibration!

Easy one time setup:

Install the IR LEDs, plug in the lightgun, perform the one time setup/calibration with the user friendly GUI, and that's all you will ever need to do! No software ever needs to run in the background however it’s available if you ever want to remap your buttons or tweak your settings for that perfect lightgun feeling.¹

Never lose accuracy:

Thanks to the smart, realtime auto-calibration, the GUN4IR® lightgun system will maintain perfect aim on-sight accuracy, no matter where you are standing from the screen.² 

You can move around, plug and unplug the lightgun and it will always stay calibrated with no need to redo the calibration every time you play! You can even swap computers and the gun will stay perfectly calibrated to that screen.

Outstanding compatibility:

GUN4IR® lightguns are compatible with any OS/app that fully supports generic lightgun mouse input including Window PCs, MiSTer FPGA, Macs, Linux and Raspberry Pi’s with more compatible systems coming in the near future.

Ultra low latency:

With average latency of only 4ms, GUN4IR® is the fastest home lightgun on the market. You’ll never miss a shot due to aim dragging behind! It’s even faster than CRT lightguns!

Fully integrated smart technology:

With all the processing power integrated inside the gun, you don't need any extra apps running in the background to make it work, and the gun will retain all its settings no matter what system you plug it into.

More features than you'll ever need:

The GUN4IR® system has all the extra options you might want from a true arcade lightgun and more. Including:

  • Recoil feedback
  • Rumble feedback
  • Sync with in-game feedbacks³
  • Offscreen reload
  • Aspect ratio quick switching
  • Full button remapping
  • Multiplayer auto mapping⁴
  • Dpad options
  • Direct pedal integration
  • Wii Nunchuk compatibility
  • RGB LED feedback
  • And more...

You can also completely customize each of your guns to your liking from the GUI or through software with serial commands, and even on a per game basis.

The best part? GUN4IR® can be installed in any lightgun or plastic gun shell⁵:

Have an old lightgun you love, but you can't play it anymore on today's LCD and OLED screens?

You can now give it a second life!

Install a GUN4IR® system in it, or buy one of our premium pre-modded lightguns, and you're ready for countless hours of fun just like when you were a kid!

¹ Only in regards to the hardware side. Same as with every other lightgun or controller out there, you will likely need to configure games and front ends that aren't plug-and-play.

² As long as the 4 leds are detected properly by the gun. However, with a Fisheye or widescreen lens, GUN4IR® lightguns have one of the best distance to screen ratios of any newer lightgun system on the market.

³ With apps and games that support Mame output.

⁴ With games/emulators that support it.

⁵ Only for the DIY version, and as long as it has enough space to fit the electronic parts inside.