GC2 DIY Cam and Rumble holder set

GC2 DIY Cam and Rumble holder set

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Addon Camera (and lens) and Rumble motor holders for the GC2 mod.

These 3D printed supports for the camera and rumble motor are carefully designed to flawlessly fit in the gun shell, they will make your life so much easier for DIY gun install!

They are the perfect addons for the official DIY PCBs.

We are not shipping to the US, for that please order them from our official partner in the US, https://rpegelectronics.com/ 

/!\ Important disclaimers, please read before buying /!\

- These holders are 3D printed, therefore they won't look like molded mass produced parts. They are all carefully tested and very functional.

- These 3D models were tested only on Japanese gun models and some EU models, so I cannot guarantee that it will fit every gun version/variation/color.

- These parts come with a full instructions, but it is still possible to do damage if you are not cautious or aren't following the guide properly. As such we cannot be held responsible for any damages done to the product or your setup/yourself resulting of misuse, and we won't cover borken parts under warranty.

- Shipping is done under 5 working days.

- There are 2 shipping methods EMS express and Small packet, here are the differences between the 2 services:
Service: Small packet  |  EMS
Price: 7~10€ (depends on packet size/weight)   20€ (flat rate)
Speed: 1.5~2 weeks   a few days
Tracking: Yes   Yes
Insurance: No   Yes