GUN4IR® GC2 Pre-Modded lightgun set
GUN4IR® GC2 Pre-Modded lightgun set
GUN4IR® GC2 Pre-Modded lightgun set
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, GUN4IR® GC2 Pre-Modded lightgun set
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, GUN4IR® GC2 Pre-Modded lightgun set
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, GUN4IR® GC2 Pre-Modded lightgun set

GUN4IR® GC2 Pre-Modded lightgun set

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Due to limited stock, please remember that this product is limited to one by customer.

This is the official GUN4IR® modded and ready to use GC2 set.
Install it on your setup, and you are ready for unlimited lightgun fun!

This product is not a mass produced product, it is a custom no cut mod of an original second hand GC2 lightgun (japanese black model), that has been carefully crafted by hand, with our own custom GUN4IR® PCBs and 3d printed parts. As such, the shells might have some scratches and yellowing due to age and wear. ALL PICTURES SHOWN ARE FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSE ONLY. ACTUAL PRODUCT MAY VARY DUE TO PARTS AVAILABILITY AND DESIGN UPDATE.

This set contains everything needed for a full experience (albeit the PSU).

Included in the set:

  • 1x modded GC2 (the full and ready to use modded gun)
  • 1x black wide lens + 1x black fisheye lens (to allow playing from various distance)
  • 1x USB to 5v power connector and power switch (to power and switch the LED system)
  • 1x 5v power splitter (to split the power between LED points)
  • 4x IR LED power cable extender (to go to each LED point, long enough for any TV up to 65", can also be extended for larger screens)
  • 4x New slim IR LED points (one for each side of the screen)
  • Velcro tape pieces (to attach the LED points on the screen)
  • 1x free GUI license (limited to 1 per customer, and only for new customers)

Integrated in the lightgun:

  • Main GUN4IR® pcbs and camera module
  • Every original buttons working (Trigger, A, B, Start, Select, Handle and DPAD)
  • Various 3d printed supports for each of the mod functionalities
  • Clicky microswitch trigger mod
  • Camera lens holder
  • Rumble feedback
  • Solenoid feedback (requires an extra 12v power supply, not included in the set)
  • Temperature sensor mounted on the solenoid as a safety measure.
  • 2m modded original GC2 USB cable, with USB and PSU connectors (it might require an extra USB/PSU extender if you want to play from more than 2m away).

Solenoid power supply not included.
Due to regional differences between countries and electric devices regulation, we cannot include the power supply for the solenoid feedback.

If you plan to use it (which we greatly recommend), you will need a standard (non switching if possible) 12v power supply rated for 2A (or more), with center positive polarity (NOT reversed).

Here is an example of a compatible PSU (this link is given as example only, we are not responsible for its proper functioning);

All orders are processed within 3 to 5 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) after receiving your order confirmation email. You will receive another notification when your order has shipped. 
Due to the current global world situation, shipping might be currently slower than usual.

The lightgun along with its integrated rumble requires at least 300mA from the 5V USB plug, be sure to connect the gun to a USB port that has enough power.
The LED system requires 5V 500mA to work properly. As it doesn't use any data, you can connect it to a standard USB charger as well, but do not use anything higher than 5V.
The solenoid cannot work properly with other voltages than 12v, must be used with proper activation timings, and needs the temperature sensor as a safety to not overheat on heavy use.
Each modded lightgun has been thoroughly tested as is and any tampering or further modifications of the lightgun will result in voiding the warranty.

As such we cannot be held responsible for any damages done to the product or your setup/yourself resulting of misuse, and we won't cover it under the warranty.
The GUN4IR tracking technology provides standard USB HID inputs that are following the Device Class Definition for HID 1.11. Therefore it is compatible with any system that correctly support those standard lightgun inputs. 
The compliance of each OS and software with this widely used standard is out of our control, please contact the owners of those OS/software if they don't fully support it.

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